Beau Bien Jam


Little jewels of sweet, tangy and delicious! 

Beau Bien Fine Foods is a Detroit producer of artisan jams, fruit preserves, chutneys and mustards. They use locally sourced fruit and a naturally lower sugar recipe so the wonderful flavors of Michigan fruit shine through in every jar. Innovative recipes, developed in their own kitchen, use herbs, spices, peppers and flowers to create combinations you won’t see on your average grocery store shelf. Beau Bien's specialty is sweet and savory flavors that pair especially well with cheeses and meats.


Apricot Darjeeling:
Tasting notes: Sweet, juicy apricot are accented organic, fair trade Darjeeling black tea for a delicately flavored but intensely delicious breakfast preserve.


Pairings: Scones, almond butter, shortbread, oatmeal


Apricot Riesling Preserves:

Tasting notes: Classic tart apricot jam gets a twist of sweetness and sophistication from semi-dry Michigan Riesling.

Pairings: Almond pastries, oatmeal, warm croissants, Brie, goat cheese, roast pork


Blueberry Aigre-Doux: 

Tasting notes: Aigre Doux, a classic French recipe, combines fruit with our house made red wine vinegar for a sweet and savory condiment.

Pairings: Brie, goat cheese, roast pork, duck


Blueberry Lemon Vanilla:

Tasting notes: Gorgeous Blue Crop berries are combined with lemon and vanilla to create a preserve that tastes like pie in a jar.

Pairings: Cornbread, waffles, yogurt, buttermilk ice cream, banana muffins


Cherry & Star Anise:

Tasting notes: Like a cherry licorice candy, but oh-so-much better for being made with real fruit! Star anise amps up the tart cherry flavor and makes it pop.

Pairings: Hot chocolate, lemon sherbet, soy-braised pork, hasenpfeffer


Cranberry Apple Chutney:

Tasting notes: Michigan cranberries and apples are combined with cider vinegar to create a chutney that’s more tart than sweet.

Pairings: Roast chicken or turkey, walnuts, blue cheese, roasted butternut squash


Golden Plum and Raspberry:

Tasting notes: Tart, juicy raspberries and sweet golden plums compliment each other splendidly in a delicious preserve you’ll want to slather on anything toasted.

Pairings: Challah, mascarpone, pistachio shortbread


Michigan Apple Mustard:

Tasting notes: Packed with flavor from Michigan apple cider, this grainy mustard is fruity and slightly sweet with a kick of heat.

Pairings: Ham, bratwurst, grilled cheese, veggie burgers, marinades


Michigan Mixed Berry Preserves:

Tasting notes: Michigan strawberries, blueberries and cranberries complement each other in a sweet-tart trio that both kids and adults love.

Pairings: Nut butters, pancakes, yogurt

Peach Bourbon Vanilla Preserves:

Tasting notes: This preserve combines ripe juicy peaches with a touch of the South, a slug of Kentucky bourbon.

Pairings: Buttered toast, pancakes, vanilla ice cream


Peach Bourbon Vanilla:

Tasting notes: This preserve combines ripe juicy peaches with a touch of the South, a slug of Kentucky bourbon.

Pairings: Buttered toast, pancakes, vanilla ice cream


Peach Lemon Lavender Preserves:

Tasting notes: Just enough lavender to intrigue your taste buds; bright notes of lemon tie the floral and fruit flavors together.

Pairings: Scones, angel food cake, mild cheeses, chicken breast, gin cocktails


Plum Honey Preserves:

Tasting notes: Stanley plums are kissed with Michigan honey and cinnamon; the perfect balance of tart, sweet and warm flavors.

Pairings: Cinnamon raisin toast, crêpes, mild cheeses, duck, whiskey cocktails

Raspberry Cacao Preserves:

Tasting notes: Juicy raspberries, cocoa powder and premium chocolate extract combine in a single jar to give you one of the world’s best flavor combinations , chocolate raspberry; on everything.

Pairings: Almond pastries, Chocolate ice cream, brioche, nut butters


Roasted Strawberry Rhubarb Preserves:

Tasting notes: Sweet Michigan berries are roasted to concentrate their flavor, combined with tart rhubarb and finished with vanilla and a touch of black pepper.

Pairings: Biscuits, ricotta, gin cocktails


Spiced Apple Pear:

Tasting notes: A delicate blend of spices gives a balanced shine to the natural sweetness of local apples & pears. Warm and bright, these preserves will become a breakfast staple.

Pairings: Buck whet pancakes, parfaits, oatmeal, sharp cheddar


Tart Cherry & Almond:


Tasting notes: This delectable combination will remind you of your favorite amaretto cocktail or Italian cookie.

Pairings: Almond biscotti, brioche, French vanilla ice cream, bourbon cocktails