Homemade Asian Style Dumplings and Sauces


Amazingly delicious handmade Dumplings and Sauces!!!  

The dumplings are sold by the dozen and can be streamed or pan-fried, and come frozen.  The sauces are refrigerated. Makes for a simple yet outstanding winter meal!

The Tibetan Vegetable and Mushroom Dumplings are vegan, as is the Soy Ginger and Spicy Soy Ginger sauce.

Haochi US is a small, woman-owned business located in Grand Rapids, MI.

Pork & chive:

It is the most traditional in the Haochi US line up, but what makes this dumpling exceptional is simple. It is mostly meat, not vegetable fillers. It is pork, some chives and seasonings.

Beef & Kimchi:

Ground sirloin is combined with a mild kimchi. It is not spicy hot, just loaded with flavor. It is an umami bomb. We love it paired with funky aioli.

Chicken & Carrot:

This dumpling has its own groupies. The devotees of this dumpling love dunking the triangle shapes in HaochiUS’s Lemongrass chili dipping sauce and gobbling them up. 

Tibetan Vegetable:

Cabbage, onion, carrots and chives are blended with tofu to make creamy filling. These are great in soups, stir-frys or just on their own. (Vegan)


Four different types of mushrooms make this dumpling earthy, rich and nutty. It adds real oomph to any meal. Bonus that it is nutrient packed and plant based. (Vegan)

Funky Aioli:

A mayo based sauce that has a great funk to it from the fish sauce and lemon juice. It is perfectly paired with the Beef & Kimchi or the Mushroom dumpling, but don’t forget to throw it over your spicy noodles or dunk your roasted veg and french fries in it. 


Lemongrass Chili:

It is the condiment that you can’t be without in your fridge. Complex, fresh and a perfect balance of heat and sweet. It tastes great on your dumplings, roasted veg, over noodles, fried chicken, eggs… I could go on and on.


Soy Ginger:

This is the most traditional of our sauces. What makes ours exceptional is simply we use fresh garlic and ginger. So good. Marinating salmon or using the soy ginger is a house favorite. (Vegan)

Spicy Soy Ginger:

This is the soy ginger sauce with a kick of Korean hot peppers. You can use this for marinade as well. (Vegan)