Bee Sweet Natural Food Wraps


Bee Sweet wraps are a sustainable alternative to plastic wrap that is made using up cycled fabric and locally sourced ingredients. Bee Sweet wraps are washable, reusable and completely compostable. They will last up to two years, and if you don't have a compost bin you can use them as fire starter! 

Using the warmth of your hands, mold Bee Sweet wraps around a bowl/dish or directly onto food. Bee Sweet wraps are naturally anti-bacterial and will help keep your food fresh longer. 

Bee Sweet Variety Pack (S,M,L):
"7x7": Use to cover small dish or bowl. Wrap directly onto onions, lemons, snacks on the go, do treats, etc.
"9x9": Use to cover medium dish or bowl. Wrap directly onto avocado, cheese, apples, etc. 
"14x14": Use to cover large dish or bowl. Wrap directly onto sandwiches, pastries, half a loaf of bread, etc. 

Bee Sweet XL Bread Wrap:
Guaranteed to keep your bread fresh and sliceable up to a week! 
"18x27": Use to cover a large dish or tray. Use directly on whole loaf of bread, baguette, bulky vegetables, etc. A great way to keep your bread fresh!
XL Size