Detroit Mushroom Company


White Lotus Farms is proud to offer mushrooms from the Detroit Mushroom Company! Founded in 2012 over a love of Mushrooms, Detroit Mushroom Company has been serving fine establishments of the Metro-Detroit area for over several years. Located off Six Mile Road, in South Lyon, rest assured that nobody grows better Michigan mushrooms!

Lion's ManeA tooth fungus, producing a cascade of teeth-like growths from which spores are produced. It has a flavor some say is reminiscent of shellfish, we think they taste more like a vegetable than a mushroom. 

Chestnut: maintains texture even after cooking, mild earthy and peppery flavor works well in both creme sauce and soups

Blue OysterThis fascinating fungus is a cold-weather variant of the Pearl Oyster Mushroom. It produces beautiful, dark blue mushrooms that lighten in color as they mature. Our delicious oysters are a choice favorite of local Chefs.

Snow Oyster: Oyster mushrooms have been the staple edible mushroom at Detroit Mushroom since we first started growing mushrooms. High in protein content, several B vitamins, and all the essential amino acids, White Oysters are also delicious and the perfect compliment to any meal.