S.Tea.P : Specialty Tea Products

S•TEA•P is founded on the belief that each and every cup of tea is as unique as the individual who drinks it.

Sleeping Bear: rolled green tea, also know as Sleeping Dragon. The rolled tea leaves unfold, opening up as they steep, to produce a tea that is fresh and vibrant.

Campfire: A Michigan inspired Rooibos blend, Campfire emulates a bight and sunny fall day. Campfire brews up a balanced liquor that is warm, citrusy, and toasting.
Rooibos, or "red bush," is an herbal tea from South Africa and is naturally caffeine free. Other ingredients include cinnamon chips, almonds, and orange peel, and orange. This infusion makes an ideal evening beverage. 

Michigan Moonlight:This Michigan inspired white tea garners it's name from its curved, moon-like buds. This tea brews a golden cup and carries a creamy, sweet flavor profile.  It is fresh and crisp, like a bright crescent moon, with malty and earthy undertones. Organic white tea leaves.

Cadillac Cacao:  an herbal blend of Cacao shells and nibs. This herbal infusion makes a nice dessert tea, or even chocolate substitute. While most herbal blends are naturally caffeine free, this tea contains trace amounts of caffeine due to the cacao nibs included.

Mastodon Mint: Inspired by the great state of Michigan's favorite fossil, Mastodon Mint is larger than life. Minty without being overwhelming, the peppermint and spearmint is balanced by green Rooibos and red clover.  Naturally caffeine free, this herbal concoction makes an ideal post meal treat. Ingredients:  peppermint, spearmint, green Rooibos, lemon balm, lemon grass, birch leaf, and red clover.

 Michigan Breakfast: A Michigan Inspired tea, Michigan Breakfast is a classic, strong, black tea blend, perfect for starting your morning!  This tea brews up a nice burgundy-red liquor.  It is slightly malty, yet balanced.  Strong without being bitter or astringent. Just like the State of Michigan, this tea's unique flavor is sure to keep you coming back cup after cup. 

Rosie: Named for Rosie the Riveter, this Michigan Themed tea is flavorful and sweet. This unique tea is crafted by delicately scenting the tea leaves with rose petals during the drying process. This natural scenting process maintains the integrity and taste of the leaves. During steeping of the tea, the rose petals unfold to release their essence. The tea produces a fragrant copper colored cup of liquor with a slightly sweet taste.