Homemade Asian Style Dipping Sauces


Amazingly delicious handmade Dumplings and Sauces!!!  

The dumplings are sold by the dozen and can be streamed or pan-fried, and come frozen.  The sauces are refrigerated. Makes for a simple yet outstanding winter meal!

The Soy Ginger and Spicy Soy Ginger sauce are both vegan.

Haochi US is a small, woman-owned business located in Grand Rapids, MI.

Funky Aioli:

A mayo based sauce that has a great funk to it from the fish sauce and lemon juice. It is perfectly paired with the Beef & Kimchi or the Mushroom dumpling, but don’t forget to throw it over your spicy noodles or dunk your roasted veg and french fries in it. 

Lemongrass Chili:

It is the condiment that you can’t be without in your fridge. Complex, fresh and a perfect balance of heat and sweet. It tastes great on your dumplings, roasted veg, over noodles, fried chicken, eggs… I could go on and on.

Soy Ginger:

This is the most traditional of our sauces. What makes ours exceptional is simply we use fresh garlic and ginger. So good. Marinating salmon or using the soy ginger is a house favorite. (Vegan)

Spicy Soy Ginger:

This is the soy ginger sauce with a kick of Korean hot peppers. You can use this for marinade as well. (Vegan)