Fresh Pizza! **Pre-order ONLY** FARM PICKUP ONLY


White Lotus Farms' own renowned pizza, now available for pre-order online!

As of Saturday, November 21st, all pizza orders must be made online as pre-orders. It's hard to predict how many to make when the weather can be so variable. To eliminate food waste and prevent "rushes" at the farm market, all pizza orders are now pre-order. 

ALL PIZZA ORDERS are for pickup at 11AM OR LATER at the Curbside/Trunk Pickup location.

Saturday's Flavors:
Margarita Pizza: Mozzarella, basil and tomato CLASSIC
Cheesy Potato: Mozzarella, Gruyere Swiss cheese, rosemary, potatoes, EVOO, sea salt

ALL PIZZA ORDERS are for pickup at 11AM or Later

ALL PIZZA ORDERS are for pickup at the Farm, No Downtown Deliveries